Camera, Lighting & Grip Equipment in Chevy Express Cargo Van

Red Epic,     Sony XDCAM  FS7,      Sony A6300,      DJI Ronin-M,          Sony XDCAM PMW-EX1

Camera Gear


RED Epic-X 5K Mysterium-X sensor W/ AL CANON       MOUNT / SIDE SSD

16mm, 24mm,35mm, 50mm,85mm Rokinon Cine primes,  or 20mm, 28mm,35mm,50mm,85mm & 105mm Nikon primes,


AlphaTron EVF HD-SDI (Made By TV LOGIC)

Marshall 7in HD monitor HD-SDI

on board monitor for focus puller

DP4-EVF -HDMI loop through w Canon 5D 7D Battery Plate (LP-E6)

5-Anton Bauer DIONIC 90 Lithium-Ion Batteries

Anton Bauer Tandem 70 Charger 14.4VDC

Oskar Heiler EB 60 Fluid Head

O’Connor Sticks

Miller 50 fluid head and sticks









Marshall HighDef V-LCD50-HDMI 5in Monitor

Anton Bauer 3-Stud Battery Plate for Epic #QRC-EPIC S

Zacuto Zwiss PlateSD

Redrock Micro/Matte Box/15mm Rods System /Shoulder Mount & Dual     Wide-Set Handgrips/ Follow Focus/Counterbalance Weights

Wooden Camera- Top Handle Cheese/Easy Plate

Modern Studio Equip. Doorway Dolly (2wheelStearing)

Modern Studio Equipment skate wheel sleds.


Sony XDCAM -FS7    4K, Full HD1920x1080p,

16mm, 24mm,35mm, 50mm,85mm, 135mm Rokinon Cine primes, Frame rate 1 to 180fps, Slow mo, time lapse,

Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Lens, Meta bones E-EF adaptor , 2x64gb cards

10 hours of battery power, XLR inputs, HD/SDI & HDMI outputs, 17" JVC Full HD Production/Directors Monitor


Sony XDCAM PMW-EX1  Full HD1920x1080p, 3x1/2" sensor, 7x32gb cards, 7 hours of battery power, XLR inputs, HD/SDI & HDMI outputs.


Sony A6300   4K, Full HD1920x1080p

Ronin-M  Gimbal



17” MacBookPro 2.33Ghz Dual Core Intel 2gigs Ram

W/ext. fw800 500Gig SATA HD

3ft fw800 cable

1ft fw 400to800 cable

2ft USB 6pin to 6pin

Uninterrupted power supply 30min max.

1-Green Folding chair

1-Folding Table for P2 Capture

69.   1-Padded wooden stool





 1-Cart for Milk crates holds 16

 1- Red hand truck

 1-Furniture dolly

 1- Silver Light weight folding Hand Truck



 1-6 step blue fiberglass Ladder

 1-4 step step fiberglass Ladder

 1-3 stepstep ladder white

 1-3stepstep ladder white


 Back Grounds

 1- Brown Muslin 20'x10'

 1-Green Muslin 20'x10'



 Mixers & Recorders

 Tascam DR-100 Professional Portable Digital Audio Recorder

 for 7D audio

 Sure FP33 ENG 3 channel mixer



 Sennheiser K6 w/ME66 shotgun Mic

 Audio Technica AT815b

 Shure SM57

 Shure SM58



 3-Sony Headphones

 2- Sennheiser

 Wireless Mic System

 3_Sennheiser G2 w/ Lavaliere

 1 XLR Wireless Butt plug

 3 Tram Lavs w/viper clip




1- 1.2 HMI, (Magnetic Ballast)

1- 575 watt HMI, feeder cable and ballast  (Magnetic Ballast)

1- 200watt HMI ,feeder Cable and Ballast (Magnetic Ballast)

4- Onboard camera LED 56k dimmable battery operated lights

2- 2ft 4bank Kino Flo Lamp

5- 4ft 4 Bank Kino Flo w Ballast and feeder cable w/ 32k or 56k lamps

2- 4ft 2 Bank Kino Flo w Ballast and feeder cable w/ 32k or 56klamps

2- 2ft  2 Bank Kino Flo Lamp

1- 2 x55watt Kino Diva copy dimmable w/ 32k or 56k lamps

2- 1k Dynaphos soft boxes (Chimera Type) (w/500watt Daylight Globes)

1- 500watt LED Lights 56K


1- 2K Mole-Richardson Fresnel Junior Solar Spot 412

2- 1K Baby Zip Scoop Softlites

2- 1K B&M Fresnels w/ scrims

2- 1K Nook lights

1- 2K Double 1K nook light

4- 650watt Altman Fresnels w/stands & scrims

1- 500watt Lowell DP & scrims

1- 500watt Par


3- 1500watt dimmers

4- Mathews Black Light stands

3- 25lb Brown Velcro Sand Bags

1-  35lb Purple Sand Bag

5- 28lb Black Sand bags

5- 25lb Orange Sand bags

1- 35 lb Black Sand Bags

Apple boxes...... 4-Full, 3 Half

 9- 25ft black 12gauge stingers

 3- 50ft Stingers


3ft Flex Fill reflector and stand, gold, silver, white.

Biax Replacement Globes Daylight and Tungsten and Case

4ft Replacement lamps and Case

2ft Replacement Lamps

3-China Globes, w 300watt globes(also 150watt) and dimmers.

2-2”ft x3ft Bounce cards

1  Blue Tub w/ Replacement Globe and practical Bulbs

Various clamp on lights with practical bulbs

2x 4x4 Shinny Boards (with Jr pins)


Grip Gear

2-Modern 3 riser combo stands with lollypops

2- Mathews Aluminum Combo stands w/ 2 lollypops

12- C-Stands

3- Low boy combos

1- Coleman C stand

3-5/8 pin 90degree angle Adapter

1- 5/8 6 inch baby pin beaver board

2- 5/8 3 inch baby pin beaver board

14-#2 Grip clips

2-C47 black bag

14-Saftey Cables

1- 1to4 5/8/baby pin adapter


2- Norms pins

2-8in C-clamps w 2 5/8 baby pins

2- Maffer clamps w/3in baby pins

1- Duck Bill/Platypus

4x Ceiling Clips



3- 18x24inch solid flags

1- 18x24inch double open end net

2- 18x24inch single open end net

2- 24x36inch solid flags

2- 24x36inch double open end net

2- 24x36inch single open end net

1- 4x4 Crate

2- 2x3 frame with light grid

12- 4x4 frame with 250 diffusion

2- 4x4 Bounce

1- 18x24 Flag Box

1- 24x36 Flag Box

2- 6x6 rag frames

2- 4x4 Solid Floppies



1- 8x8 Frame w/ears

1- 8x8 Ultra bounce

1- 6x6 China full

1- 6x6 Ultra Bounce

1- 6x6 1/2 Silent Grid

1- 6x6 Chroma Key Green

4- 3/4" corners

4- 6' Aluminum square tubing

2- 3/4' ears


Assorted Duvateen scraps

Black Wrap

 Assorted Gels in box


Modern Studio Equipment Doorway dolly  with 3x 8f straight track

Modern Studio Equipment Speed Rail Slider ( like a Dana Dolly)



 Boom Poles

 1x12ft Graphite

 1x16ft Aluminum

 Sennheiser Blimp w/handle & long haired cat

 Rycote Softie



 Editing Bay

 Mac Pro Tower

 6 core 3.33ghz Intel processor

 6 TB hard drive internal space


 AJA LHe Kona card with Break out box

 Final Cut 6.5, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Color,

 Adobe Master Suite with After Effects, Premiere, Media manger, PhotoShop,

 Magic Bullet Grinder, Looks, Denoiser,